Frequently Asked Questions
  • 01,  How much does each keywords or key phrase costs?
  • Simple, $99/mo per each keyword or key phrase, Billing is automatic through 2co subscriptions. There is no contract; you can stop at anytime, its month-to-month agreement.
  • 02,  For how long do I own the keyword or key phrase?
  • You are the sole owner of your keywords or key phrase terms for as long as you remain active with Oylist. Register now and get your search terms before your competitor does.
  • 03,  Can I promote multiple URLs with multiple keywords or key phrase?
  • Yes you can! Purchase multiple keyword or key phrase terms in multiple unlimited URLs.
  • 04,  How do I find the best keywords?
    • How to Select Good SEO Keywords The problem with good keywords is that they are
    • usually not words at all. Good SEO keywords are usually phrases, that is, two or more
    • words strung together in a saying or idea.
    • When you pick keywords dont use words, use phrases.
    • Why? Here two reasons:
    • 1.There are too many single keywords: While you can use single-word keywords, you will be vying for position with the millions of other websites that also use the same keyword.
    • 2. Nobody searches for single keywords: When was the last time you searched for something on Google using only one word? Thats right: never.
    • Here helpful sites you can use to search for relevant keyword phrases, You can use a combination of the following free and paid services. Keyword Tools: 


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